Begging Post #3

hey loveys.
sorry no icons recently, honors classes suck.

Manual payments/gifts: Expires:
Paid Account Nov 19, 2006
- Extra Userpics Nov 29, 2006

:( would anyone be a doll and renew my paid acount, and my userpics? custom icons for those who do, or i could upload a cd/bootleg/whatever. thanks so much y'all! <3

much love, becca

Begging Post #1

Hehe hey lovely members of bohoicons!

Becca's paid account expires tomorrow. This makes Becca sad, and Becca would absolutely love anyone who buys her (any amount) of time. While she would also like the 100+ add-on bonus, that expires a few days later, therefore is not as desperate.

Becca is willing to make 25+ icons, and a buncha headers/buttons/whatever for anyone who would like to donate some extra time on her paid account.

Becca loves you all! ♥

Becca loves bankingonamyth and stayinmylife a bit more than the rest of you. :D

Request Post #3

Kay. Members only. Join if you want to request.

Request form:

share or no share?:
pictures?: (hq-ish only please)
anything else?: (don't go too specific :P)
are you a member?:
how many icons?: (1 or 2)

I'll cut off requests at like 10-20, idk.
Oh, and stop quitting the community, it makes me sad! :(
I have a new post of ~60 icons I can post later when I have time

Requests completed